Causes for backwardness of Indian Agriculture

Causes for backwardness of Indian Agriculture


  • Old methods of cultivation due to illiteracy & unawareness
  • Over-dependence on monsoons
  • Floods and droughts; Soil erosion
  • Small and fragmented land holding
  • Practice of dividing and subdividing land for inheritance
  • Poor quality of seeds – poor productivity
  • Faulty & unreliable irrigation facilities
  • Lack of proper use of manure and Fertilizer
  • Reluctant to use modern scientific methods of cultivation
  • Excessive pressure on land  High crop intensity
  • Unsound credit system and poverty of the farmers
  • Defective marketing and low prices of produces
  • Poor electricity, storage, water, credit & marketing
  • Less Mechanization ; Inadequate Agricultural research


Solutions for Indian Agriculture 


  • Better irrigation facilities viz. Drip & sprinkler irrigation
  • Consolidation of Land Holdings & land reforms
  • Deploy Soil Conservation techniques
  • Mechanization, hybrid seeds, fertilizer, pesticides
  • Scientific farming & educating the farmers about the same
  • Spread Green revolution to all states
  • Financial inclusion in rural areas to provide sound credit system
  • Providing proper electricity & storage system for agricultural produces
  • Storage house near farms for better food processing
  • Skilling farmers to prevent wastage of labour use
  • Improving rural infrastructure
  • Providing real time market price for agricultural produces

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