Cyber Extortion is a from of #cybercrime in which hackers hold your data, website or other sensitive information hostage until you meet their demands for payment. It often takes form of ransomware & DDOS-Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Report to

In a typical cyberextortion attack, criminals hack into a business’s hardware or software systems to steal data, disable websites, and shut down computers and servers. The hackers will demand that you pay them to return data or restore disabled systems and applications.

Ways to Reduce the Risks of Cyber Extortion

One rampant form of malicious internet attack that is affecting businesses is cyber extortion. With an attempt to damage, disrupt or gain unauthorized access on your system, the main goal of these attackers is to extort money from your business. Luckily, there some ways to stop the attack and maintain the integrity of your business.

  • Know your data – you will never know how much risk you are exposed to unless you fully understand the amount of personal information your business holds about customers or clients. More data equals more risk and certain types of data are more sensitive.
  • Create back-ups of everything – should your business fall victim to cyber extortion , even if you lose all data saved locally on your computer, you still have the means to recover the data and rebuild your digital infrastructure.
  • Update security software regularly – there’s no better protection for data breach than preventing it from happening in the first place. Always update your security software, including malware and virus definitions, in a timely manner.
  • Consider DDoS upgrades – Distributed Denial of Service attacks are very common to degrade a business system. Add an extra level of protection for your business to thwart DDoS attacks is an investment well spent.
  • Do background check on your employees – It’s good practice to check the social background and previous work history of your employees to safeguard against cyber extortion and for other liability reasons. Many cyber attacks begin on the inside.
  • Protect your business with the right insurance – attackers would usually require you to pay a ransom in exchange for access to valuable data. Purchasing insurance that will cover you from cyber threats including cyber extortion protects the business you’ve worked to build and gives you peace of mind.

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