Difference between Class and Caste

Difference between Class and Caste

Major difference between class and caste is that class in open for all, flexible, ascribed status, dynamic and secular in nature and social mobility is possible,  while caste system is relatively closed, rigid, achieved status, static & religious in nature In the caste system the vertical mobility is not possible. Caste and Class jointly determine the position of an individual in social strain. Particularly in rural communities where caste system has maintained its rigidity. 


Difference between Caste and Class:





Membership of a caste is hereditary ( determined by Birth) and no amount of money, wealth, power, knowledge, education or struggle  can change it. A person is placed in class by virtue of his acquisition of education, money, wealth, power, status or other achievement.


In general there is no vertical social mobility but in practical there can be social mobility for Group Only.  e.g Sanskritization  Horizontal and Vertical both Social mobility is possible, i.e. it is possible to improve social status by acquiring wealth, money, education power etc


Members are normally not conscious of their social status. Members are generally conscious of their social status.


Caste system expects members of follow certain customs, folkways, rituals etc. Social class has no prescribed customs rituals and folkways


Inter-caste marriage is not possible, because it will earn wrath of society Marriage between two individuals belonging to different classes is possible without earning displeasure of the society


Caste system is based on inferiority or superiority of human beings. Therefore, does not promote democracy. Social classes are based on superiority or inferiority of social status of an individual. Social classes help in working of democracy.


In caste system the members must follow a particular religion. Members of social classes may follow any religion


Caste system is a closed class system in which hereditary status is the life time status. Social classes are open class system in which movement from one class to another is completely unrestricted.


In caste system, there is no occupational mobility, i.e. one has to follow occupation of ancestors and it cannot be changed As a member of social class one can adopt any occupation and change it at will.


Social gap between members of different castes is too wide. Social gap is not so wide as in caste system.


Caste system is supported on religious grounds as a manifestation of God’s will. Social classes have no such religious a support.


Prepared by : Ashish Kumar (All India Highest Marks in Sociology in CSE-2016)

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