Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

  • It is the ability to understand and regulate our emotions and that of others to handle interpersonal relationships effectively
  • Intelligence alone means the ability to acquire and apply knowledge
  • EI is inclusive of intelligence + right attitude + control over emotions
  • EI is important because machines are still devoid of ‘emotions’

Need for Emotional Intelligence in Civil Services

  • Mainly because it requires to deal with a variety of people – rich, poor, educated, rural, urban, minority, oppressed, corrupt etc.
  • Work environment of civil services has become much more complex, even hostile at times
  • There’s multiplicity of work (new schemes) and shortage of personnel
  • Civil service itself is beset with problems of corruption, inefficiency, external pressures, extensive paper work etc
  • People have become more aware and demanding towards good governance
  • Public policies are scrutinized in much detail due to media and the internet
  • Therefore, it is easy to lose control over one’s emotions in such a high pressure situation on daily basis

Application of Emotional Intelligence

  • To improve the performance of an individual worker
    • Increased capacity to handle stress and constant changes
    • Increased levels of commitment, motivation and focus
    • Maintaining calm at all times + clarity of thought process
    • Better ability to communicate one’s emotions / opinions
    • Ability to appreciate diversity and values of others
  • Improvement in overall organizational performance
    • Increased trust levels + understanding between employees = better coordination
    • Faster conflict resolution and effective leadership (knowing what motivates others)
    • Example – Google is so successful because it has created a work culture where employees feel at complete ease. No fixed hours + resting stations + food etc

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