Ethics vs Morals

Ethics vs Morals

Ethics vs Morals

Ethics is Set of standards that guide a person’s (or organization’s) actions (decisions) given the choices.
• Morals = Principles governing right and wrong behaviour
• Morals are individual while Ethics are social
• Morals have a cultural and religious connotation while Ethics are fairly secular
• Morality doesn’t need other people’s validation while Ethics do

Ethics vs Law

• Laws are strict set of rules which regulate an individual or organization’s actions. They are enforced.
• Law tells what man can and cannot do. Ethics tell what a man ought to do
• In Law a man is guilty of committing a crime while in Ethics, he is guilty if he even thinks so
• Law can deviate from what is considered Ethical
• Ethics use Law for their enforcement and Law use Ethical principles for their formulation

Why be ethical / moral?
• Ethics help one to attain his/her best self
• Social institutions cannot function without certain ethical principles same for everyone

Determinants of Ethics
• Individual
• Culture / Religion
• Institutions – Legal / Social etc



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