Geography Books

Geography Books  and Geography Optional Strategy

1. Read the minimum possible number of books, but it should be revised regularly.

2. Use diagrams, maps, flowcharts & innovative illustrations in your answers. Diagrams give better expression of an idea, improve presentation, which is either difficult or lengthy to express in words.

3. Try to identify places that appeared in the news for some reason and practice drawing of diagrams to increase speed & save time.

4. Practice Mock tests.

5. Cover ‘’contemporary issues’’ with GS/current/national issues.

Basis Books for Geography Optional Mains

Paper 1 (Indian Geography)

1. Physical Geography by Savindra Singh (English || Hindi

2. Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Che Leong

3. Geography Ncerts (English || Hindi

4. Human Geography by Majid Hussain (English || Hindi) 

5 Evolution Of Geographical Thought by Majid Hussain (English || Hindi) 

6. Indian Geography by Khullar English || Hindi) 

7. Geographic theories by K.Siddartha or Majid husain  (English || Hindi) 

8. The Orient blackswan Atlas ( English || Hindi

9. Oxford atlas ( English || Hindi

10 Geography Through Maps ( English || Hindi).

11. Spectrum’s geography guide for illustrations & miscellaneous topics ( English || Hindi).

12 Made Simple series of Rupa publication -2 books (English || Hindi) 


        Paper 2 (Indian Geography)

  • Regional development & planning – mainly handouts given by shankar sir.
  • Settlements – NCERT & Spectrum’s geography guide
  • Political Geo – no specific material, just class discussions with shankar sir
  • Contemporary issues – no specific preparation. Just what i read in magazines & newspapers
  • For the rest about india, ncerts & Indian Geography by Khullar & Majid Hussain is more than sufficient.

Geography Paper-I, Syllabus

Geography Paper-II, Syllabus