Q) What is a green house effect?

     A) Green house effect is naturally occurring phenomenon that blankets the earth lower atmosphere and warms it,maintaining the temperature suitable for living things to survive

Just as greenhouses,that keeps the air warm insides its chamber,water vapour and green house gases warm the earth.greenhouse gases plays the important role in keeping the earth warm,if there is absence of green house gases the temperature of earth would be -19 degrees.

Q)  How a green house building is made?

  A) GREENHOUSE: it is a bulding made of glass chambers in which plants are grown in cold countries/in cold climates there is continued increase of temperature in green house even when out side temperature remains same human generated greenhouse gases emission upset the natural balance and lead to increased warmth.

Q) What are the various green house gases ?


water vapour,

carbon dioxide(co2),


nitrous oxide(N2o),

sulfur dioxide(so2)

FLUORINATED GASES: hydroflurocarbons(hfcs),perflourocarbons(pfcs), sulfurhexa fluride(sf6)


There are two types of greenhouse effect-

 1. natural green house effect,

 2. human enhanced green house effect



 A) INCOMING ENERGY: sun emits energy that is transmitted to earth,because the sun is very hot,the energy is emitted in high-energy short wave lengths that penetrates the earths atmosphere

ABSORPTION: about 30% of the suns energy is reflected directly back into space by the atmosphere,clouds and surface of the earth

EMISSIONS: earth re emits the energy back into the atmosphere.because earth is cooler than the sun, the energy is emitted in the form of infrared radiation,at wave length longer tham the incoming solar energy

HUMAN-ROLE:  human generated carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels,deforestation.this increase has amplified the natural greenhouse effect by trapping more of the energy emitted by the earth

Water vapour biggest overall contributor to the green houe effect and humans are not directly responsible for emitting this gas in quantites sufficient to change its concentration in the atmosphere,however co2 and other greenhouse gases is increasing the amount of water vapour in the air by boosting the rate of evaporation


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