How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims 2019

How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims 2019


Pattern: Three Stages:

  • Prelims (400 marks)
  • Mains (1750 Marks) and
  • Interview (275 Marks).


  • Paper-I (General Studies ) carries 100 questions with 200 marks. Only Marks of Paper-I is counted for  deciding merit.
  • Paper-II (CSAT) carries 80 questions with 40 questions each in Mental ability and comprehension ( Only 33 % Marks are required to Qualify Paper-II, Qualifying in Nature & Marks are not counted in deciding Merit )
  • There is 1/3rd negative marking for wrong answers in both Papers.



  1. Current events of National and international importance,
  2. Indian History and National movement
  3. Geography,
  4. Polity,
  5. Economic and social development ,
  6. Environment,
  7. General science

UPSC Prelims Examination is a  like a test of screening. Unless you clear the Prelims you cannot appear for UPSC Mains Examination. For success in UPSC Prelims Examination, you must have basic knowledge of concepts of all above 7 units of syllabus.

How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims 2019?

  1. Preparing for current events of national and international importance
  2. Read one standard newspaper preferably The Hindu making points.
  3. Keep a five partition notebook for different parts of GS
  4. Categorise information.
  5. Listen to NDTV / Rajya Sabha debates.
  6. Visit Government of India websites
  7. Keep good company.Group discussion helps.
  8. Have a structured time table.

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    • Download the releases which are available month wise.
    • Categorise the information unit wise.
    • In the GS1 Mains there were questions directly taken from the pib website.
    • There was a question on Aspirational districts, a pet program of the Govt.
    • Similarly there was a question on Chaitanya mahaprabhu relating to Culture taken from pib.
    • Information on key initiatives of the Government relating to social welfare, Agriculture,E Governance are covered exhaustively.
    • Government programs, organization of the Government of India, culture are covered.
    • In one of the Prelims paper there was a question on the number of Ministries in the Government of India.
  • Arthapedia as a source of information:
    • The Arthapedia is a website prepared and updated by officers of the Indian economic service.
    • See the concept index. Cover three alphabets once a week. For instance alphabet A covers myriad topics from Agriculture census to Aadhar to absolute poverty line.
    • The concepts in Arthapedia cover basic economy, geography and Polity.
  • Government programs:
    • Knowledge of Government programs is a must for current events preparation.
    • The best source of information for this would be e-books of Ministries. These give a good insight.
    • For instance when you read on programs relating to Roads you start with Golden quadrilateral going on to schemes like PMGSY and Bharat mala.
  • Programs and acts for vulnerable groups:
    • Questions relate to programs for the vulnerable groups like SCs, STs, OBCs, Minorities,
    • Women, Differently able, Aged, Victims of Disaster
    • In this unit you cover the acts- for instance when you talk of the Differently abled you must know the Persons with Disabilities act, The Commissioner for Disabilities, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
    • Similar exercise has to be done for the other groups.
  • Important acts:
    • You have to keep abreast of important laws enacted during the year.
    • A recent legislation is the Amendment to the Prevention of Atrocities act. You must first understand the concern of the Supreme Court which wanted harassment of officers to end by providing for prior permission of the superior, provisions for anticipatory bail etc.
    • Government on political grounds sought to restore the original provisions of the Act.
    • You have to list out the important Acts of the period.
  • Important personalities of the period.
  • Important international events and summits, important regional groups.


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