Importance of Integrity in Civil Service

Importance of Integrity in Civil Service


  • Integrity is most essential to counter the evil of corruption in public administration
  • It ensures sincerity towards one’s job
  • The actions of public servants have a direct bearing on the character of the community


  • Causes for decline of integrity in civil services:
    • Colonial attitude of administration – indifferent, sense of superiority
    • Low salaries compared to private sector jobs + rising inflation
    • Liberalization has further empowered bureaucracy = more scope for corruption
    • Lack of public opinion against corruption
    • Inadequate laws + lethargic judiciary
    • Misuse of legal protection to civil servants. Eg. Article 311, CAT etc
    • Pressure Groups have emerged as a breeding ground for corruption by seeking favours for their respective communities
  • How to improve integrity:
    • Make conditions of civil service attractive. Eg. Performance based bonus etc
    • Simplification of complex working procedures = to ensure transparency and better compliance by less informed citizens. Eg e-tax filing.
    • Independent + Powerful Ombudsman to attend public grievances

Stringent laws + swift conviction = restore citizen’s faith in public services

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