India and France Tri Service Exercise 

India and France Tri Service Exercise 


India and France are in discussion for a bilateral tri service military exercise to take forward the strategic cooperation while also exploring ways to operationalise the logistics agreement.

  • The tri services will likely be held next year.
  • This will be India’s third such joint exercise.
  • India has conducted first joint tri service exercise with Russia in October 2017.
  • It has finalised second join tri service exercise with USA to be held next year.


India and France currently hold bilateral exercises between individual services and are

  • Shakti:- between Indian Army and French Army
  • Varuna:- between Indian Navy and French Navy
  • Garuda:- between Indian Air Force and French Air Force


Purpose of Joint Military exercises

Joint exercises are generally done by nations who share a similar strategic view with respect to an emerging threat. It’s main purpose is

  • To ensure the combat readiness of the garrisoned or the deployable forces.
  • To build alliances with friendly countries.
  • To test our communications, our planning, our decision-making, and our thinking.
  • To show case their military strengths
  • To make relation with other military forces of the world etc.


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