India’s Gift to Russia on Putin’s visit (MiG 21 fighter jets)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is coming on 4th & 5th October to New Delhi for an annual summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His visit is a part of India-Russia bilateral summit. On this occasion India is gifting 3 MiG 21 fighter jets to Russia. 


Why is India gifting these aircraft to Russia?

As per official sources this is based on a request from Russian Defence Minister to India’s Defence Minister. It consist of Type 75 aircraft and two Type 77 aircraft. The aircraft that are going to be gifted are in flight worthy condition and the crating & transportation costs will be borne by Russia.


Why is this Important?

This will be a major symbolic gesture to showcase the all weather friendship between Russia and India. It also show deep strategic partnership between the two countries. These MiG 21 has more of emotional value for Russia because it has the distinction of being the most produced supersonic fighters in the history.


What is MiG 21?

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 is a supersonic jet fighter and interceptor aircraft designed by the  Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. Approximately 60 countries over four continents have flown the MiG-21, and it still serves many nations six decades after its maiden flight. It made aviation records by becoming the most produced supersonic jet aircraft in the aviation industry.

The MiG 21 is a product of the Soviet Union. It was designed by the Mikoyan Gurevich Design Bureau in the 1950s. MiG 21 made its first flight in the year 1956 and entered into the service in 1959. But, Russia stopped producing the aircraft in the year 1985, whereas India has continued operating the upgraded variants. The MiG-21, travels with twice the speed of sound,


When does India inducted this MiG 21 fighter jet?

India inducted the MiG 21 fighter jets in the year 1963 and has got full technology transfer and rights to licence and build the aircraft in the country. It is the first supersonic fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force still has about 120 MiG 21 fighter jets in service all of which will be phased out of service by 2021 to 2022.


Prepared By: Sai Eswar

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