NCC-National Cadet Corps

NCC-National Cadet Corps

Keeping in mind the national importance of this day as well as NCC-National Cadet Corps, I take the privilege to post a few questions, I thought might help us prepare regarding NCC..Some questions are dealt deep (for C certificate Cadets). I am not sure anyways as I am myself a novice. People with experience in PT preparation may kindly guide us.

Probable Questions for UPSC Interview on NCC-National Cadet Corps

1. What is NCC? What is the purpose/ utility?

2. What is the motto of NCC?

3. Is there any specific NCC Song? What is it? (sing 2 lines)

4. What is there in NCC flag? What does it signify?

5. What is the Organizational hierarchy?

6. How was NCC found? What is its relevance in present day?

7. What practical skills you learnt in NCC?

8. What are the lacunae in the NCC training system, if any?

9. Compare NCC and NSS? Which is better? Why?

10. Did you have any sort of rifle training? (If you have mentioned about shooting and medals in it)

11. Do you think NCC should be made compulsory in schools and colleges?

12. What are the training camps attended by you? Which part of the training you liked the most?

13. Did you attend the RD parade?

14. What is the meaning of B and C certificates? When is A grade given?

15. Why you took NCC and why not NSS?

16. How far the NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificates are helpful in recruitment(s) in various government jobs?

17. Why not join the army instead of civil services?:

18. What is NCC uniform? Parts/ components of the uniform?

19. Have you given commands in any parade/ drill? (peeche mur, Savdhan)

20. Which battalion you belong to?




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