Challenges in Improving Public Service Delivery

Public Service Delivery

  • It is the most critical aspect of governance because success of every policy, initiative depends on its effective delivery
  • Citizen centricity, transparency, efficiency and accountability are the hallmarks of a robust public service delivery system
  • Service Delivery is the main interface between administration and general public. Hence, a poor service delivery is the main cause of trust deficit, frustration among the people.


Challenges in improving Service Delivery

  • Complex regulations + red tapism
  • Lack of information + illiteracy
  • Lack of best management practices + little accountability
  • Corruption


Improving Service Delivery

  • Recognise the importance of grassroots level delivery mechanism. 2/3rd population lives in the villages. Yet, Panchayats are at the mercy of State Governments for powers and finances despite having a constitutional and statutory backing via 73rd and 74th
    • Example – A district collector (usually an IAS officer) might be highly educated but the Tehsildaar or Thanedaar is the one interacting with people. Therefore, he should be included within the governance loop in terms of training and sensitisation.
  • People should be at the centre of all policy making. Treat people as participants and not mere beneficiaries or worse as liabilities. Involve NGOs and SHGs at planning, monitoring, evaluation, feedback stages
  • E-governance – use ICT for single window, automated, swift and transparent delivery mechanism
  • Ensure continuity – minimum tenure for civil servants + safeguard against vengeful political scrapping of existing policies + minimum benchmark guidelines for delivery
  • Welfare vision with business acumen – quality and economy in service cost, public-private partnerships, outsourcing, competition
  • Accountability – Social audits, RTI , E-governance , JAM etc
  • Independent regulatory mechanism + robust legal system for consumer protection

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