1. Charter Act 1813 laid the foundation-stone of modern Indian education and influenced the future educational developments in India. Elaborate.


  1. The Lahore Session of the Indian National Congress (1929) is very important in history, because [CSE(PRE)-2012]

1. the Congress passed a resolution demanding complete independence

2.the rift between the extremists and moderates was resolved in that Session

3.a resolution was passed rejecting the two-nation theory in that Session

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a)  I only

(b)  2 and 3

(c)  1 and 3

(d)  None of the above


  1. Which of the following statement(s) are correct about the functions of NITI Aayog (National Institute for Transforming India):


  1. The Prime Minister is the Chairperson of the NITI Aayog.
  2. It fosters cooperative federalism through structured support initiatives and mechanisms with the States on a continuous basis, recognizing that strong States make a strong nation.
  3. It enjoys the powers to allocate funds to ministries and state governments.

a.1 & 2

b.2 & 3

c.1 & 3

d.1, 2 & 3


  1. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about the National Database on Sex Offenders (NDSO):


1.The database will include offenders convicted under charges of rape, gang rape, Protection of Children from Sexual Offenders Act (POCSO) and eve teasing.

2.The database will be maintained by the National Crime Records Bureau, which contains 4.4 lakh entries at present.

3.The NDSO data will be available for general public online.

a. 1 & 2

b. 2 & 3

c. 1 & 3

d. 1, 2 & 3


Prepared by : Bikesh Varman


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