1. Since India is indestructible union with destructible states. Is it appropriate to call India quasi-federal?


  1. Which of the following are federal features of the Indian Constitution?


  1. Division of Powers
  2. Supremacy of the Constitution
  3. Integrated Judiciary
  4. Flexibility of the Constitution
  5. Dual Citizenship

a. 1 & 2 only

b. 2 & 3 only

c. 2, 3 & 4 only

d. 3 & 5 only



  1. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, in partnership with Google, is to launch the #LooReview campaign

a. To encourage all local guides in India to rate and review public toilets on Google Maps.

b. To assess the effect of Loo wind in India.

c. Both of the (a) & (b) are correct.

d.  None of the (a) & (b) are correct.


  1. Which of the following initiative(s) is/are introduced in Jammu & Kashmir to re-establish the grassroot level democracy?


  1. Transference of functions and functionaries of all the subjects under the 73rd Amendment of the Constitution of India in the Panchayats of J&K.
  2. The Leh and Kargil Autonomous Hill Development Councils (LAHDC and KAHDC) will be empowered to become the most autonomous councils in the country to address various issues being faced by people living in the remote areas of Ladakh region.
  3. Hike in the honorarium provided to the Special Police Officers (SPOs).
  4. Financial assistance to West Pakistan refugees settled in J&K.

a. 1 & 4 only

b. 1, 2 & 4 only

c. 2 & 3 only

d. All of the above


Prepared by : Bikesh Varman

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