River Information System (RIS) & Hilsa Fish

River Information System (RIS) & Hilsa Fish

What is the News?

  • To boost cargo movement on Ganga, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate the second phase of river information system (RIS) between Farakka and Patna.
  • Under the Jal Marg Vikas Project a new state of the art navigational Lock on NW-1 is being constructed at Farakka at a cost of Rs 361.35 crore and work will be complete by June 2019.

River Information System (RIS)

  • RIS is a form of vessel traffic management using next generation technology.
  • It is a combination of tracking and meteorological equipment with specialized software designed to optimize traffic and transport processes in inland navigation.
  • The system enables swift electronic data transfer between mobile vessels and shore (base stations) through advance and real-time exchange of information so as to ensure navigation safety in inland waterways.
  • It also provides virtual navigational aids to guide the vessel during navigation.
  • Under Jal Marg Vikas Pariyojana, a fish pass has been envisaged for the free movement of Hilsa at Farakka Navigation Lock.

What is Fish way?

  • Fish pass/Fish way is a structure on or around artificial and natural barriers (such as dams, locks and waterfalls) to facilitate natural fish migration.
  • Most fishways enable fish to pass around the barriers by swimming into the waters on the other side.

About Hilsa Fish

  • Hilsa has a history of migrating to Allahabad in the Ganga river system from Bangladesh.
  • It is Bangladesh’s national fish and was called Matsyaraja – the king of fishes.
  • Though it’s a saltwater fish, it migrates to sweet waters of the Ganges from the Bay of Bengal.
  • It travels upstream of the river during the mating seasons and returns to its natural abode after spawning.

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