Seven Social Sins by Mahatma Gandhi

Seven Social Sins by Mahatma Gandhi

Seven Social Sins by Mahatma Gandhi were first published in his newspaper Young India in 1925. Those are a comprehensive list of behaviours that cause serious harm to society.

  • Wealth Without Work 
  • Pleasure Without Conscience
  • Knowledge Without Character
  • Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)
  • Science Without Humanity
  • Religion Without Sacrifice
  • Politics Without Principle


Gandhi’s seven social sins refer to behaviours that go against this ethical code and thereby weaken society. When values are not strongly held, people respond weakly to crisis and difficulty. The following are the biggest social sins that Gandhi warned against.


1) Wealth without Work : Making wealth by UNFAIR means, by taking short cuts. For Example Tax evasion, scams, insider trading, Black Money etc.

2) Pleasure without Conscience : Happiness that is earned at the expense of others is no less than a sin. Attaining pleasure without a sense of social responsibility. Sexual harassment, mindless consumerism

3) Knowledge without character : Bruce Lee said, “Knowledge will give you power. Character gives you respect.” Character imbibes qualities of INTEGRITY and HONESTY in a knowledgeable person.

4) Business without morality : Business should be fair to all stakeholders involved. Unethical governance structure, lack of infrastructure, lack of integrity, Poor working conditions, adulteration, lack of security are examples of this sin.

5) Science without humanity : Use of digital technologies like social networking sites for propagation of radical terrorism & social & religious hatred. Pakistan has nukes but the socio-economic conditions of the nation are worsening with time.

6) Religion without sacrifice : Religion today has been reduced to mere practices and rituals. Not bringing the religious teachings of COMPASSION, AFFECTION and BROTHERHOOD in our lives is a sin.

7) Politics without principle : Politics driven by greed ,power. opportunism etc will undermine the national interest . Crony capitalism is one such manifestation. The advent of money and muscle power, lack of conviction and principles in politics is a sin.

The idea of “welfare state” can come true when Gandhi’s vision be incorporated in all spheres of life






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