Tips and Tricks to Crack UPSC Civil Service Examination

Success Mantra: Tips and Tricks to Crack UPSC Civil Service Examination

  • Do’s:

    • Analyse and memorize complete Syllabus of UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains.

    • Try to away from the demotivating persons.

    • Select standard and important books and materials for all topics carefully for complete syllabus

    • Start  UPSC prelims Prelims Preparation at least four months before to UPSC Eaxam

    • Know about key words and directive words for mains examination

    • Do regular writing practice and mind maps for mains exam

    • Revise regularly (follow Sevens method)

    • Understand the topics

    • Topics break-up and per day plan for complete Syllabus

    • Do milestone plan for your preparation


    • Do not allow your demotivating factors influence you anymore

      • Usually demotivating factors if nearing you, it will strongly influence in your preparation and make you to grow in negative sentences.

      • How to identify the demotivating factors?

        • Its very simple, who are all say that

          • “Hey! Its very difficult, you cant do this! You wont do this! .

          • Don’t waste your time! Go for some useful and profitable things!”

    • Don’t refer more Books or materials for a simple topics and do not go for exam without writing practice.

    • Do not memorize the topics, better to understand topic

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