Tolerance essentially means acceptance of ”differences”. It is the ability or willingness to accept the existence of opinions or behaviour that one disagrees with.

Importance in contemporary times:

  • Diverse, multicultural democratic social setup of the contemporary times where more people have greater access to express their various opinions on social media etc.
  • Intolerance in politics have promoted disruption in parliamentary proceedings, hate speeches in rallies etc.
  • It further has promoted ‘moral policing’ leading to religious Intolerance- in the form of beef ban, etc
  • In International relations where countries often get involved in zero sum games. Eg – WTO Issues, trade treaties etc
  • Important in a multi-polar world. Eg – immigrants are routinely discriminated
  • Tolerance in gender + minority issues


Above all, tolerance forms the bedrock for other values like mutual respect, humility, harmony to flourish.

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