Unit & Topic wise Free Material for Sociology Paper-I

Unit & Topic wise Free Material of Sociology Paper-I

Unit-1 : Sociology – The Discipline

(i) Emergence of Sociology: Link 1

(ii) Scope of the subject & comparison with other social sciences:  NCERT

(iii) Sociology and Common Sense:  NCERT

Unit -2 :Sociology as Science

(i) Science, scientific method and critique: Link 1   Link 2   Link 3   Link 4

(ii) Major theoretical strands of research methodology: Post modernism, Positivism & its critique

(iii) Fact value and objectivity: Fact and Value

Unit-3: Research Methods and Analysis

(i) Qualitative and quantitative methods: Link 1

(ii) Techniques of data collection: Survey, Participatory methods, Comparative methods Variables,    sampling,    hypothesis,    reliability and validity

Unit-4: Sociological Thinkers

(i) Karl Marx- Historical Materialism 1,  Link 1Historical materialism, mode of productionalienationLink 1(class struggle)class struggle

(ii) Emile Durkheim- Division of laboursocial factLink 2  suicide, religion and society

(iii) Max Weber- Social action, ideal types, authority, bureaucracy, Protestant ethic & spirit of capitalism

(iv) Talcolt Parsons- Social system, pattern variables

(v) Robert K. Merton- Latent and manifest functions, conformity and deviance, reference groups

(vi) Mead – Self and identity

Unit- 5: Stratification and Mobility

(i) Concepts- equality, inequality, hierarchy, exclusion, poverty Link 2) and deprivation

(ii) Theories of social stratification- Structural functionalistMarxist theory, Weberian  theory

(iii) Dimensions – Social stratification of class, status groups, genderethnicity and race

(iv) Social mobility- open and closed systems, types of mobilitysources and causes of mobility

Unit- 6: Works and Economic Life

(i) Social organisation of work in different types of society- slave society, feudal society, industrial /capitalist society

(ii) Formal and informal organisation of  work

(iii) Labour and society: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Unit-7: Politics and Society

(i) Sociological theories of power    Link 2

(ii) Power elitebureaucracypressure groups, & political parties pp 2

(iii) Nation, statecitizenship, democracy, civil society, ideology

(iv) Protest, agitation, social movements 1 social movements 2 collective action, revolution

Unit-8: Religion and Society

(i) Sociological theories of religion:   Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4

(ii) Types of religious practices: animism, monism, pluralismsects, cults

(iii) Religion in modern society: religion & sciencesecularizationreligious revivalismfundamentalism

Unit-9:  Systems of Kinship

(i) Family, householdmarriage

(ii) Types and forms of family

(iii) Lineage and descent

(iv) Patriarchy and sexual division of labour

(v) Contemporary trends

Unit-10: Social Change in Modern Society

(i) Sociological theories of social change

(ii) Development and dependency

(iii) Agents of social change

(iv)Education and social change

(v) Science, technology and social change [Covered in above PDFs]

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