Value Conflict

Value Conflict


  • Values those Beliefs which are important to a person
  • Values are ideas that we aspire to achieve like equality
  • Values evaluate our actions. Eg some may prefer honesty over success
  • A set of values form a value system

Value Conflict


  • It occurs when individual values come in conflict with the institution’s values
  • Value based conflict is quite common in public policy
  • Many policy decisions are choices between competing values
  • Example – efforts to promote equality may come in conflict with merit and efficiency
  • Example – Need for national security may come in conflict with Right to Privacy

Human Values

  • Values shared by all human beings irrespective of their religion, culture or nationality
  • These guide our interaction with other human beings. It is what we expect others and to do and what we aim to give to others
  • Eg everyone wants to be loved or live in peace. Thus love and peace are human values
  • Other examples – Truth, Respect, Justice, Compassion, Discipline etc

Role of Family in inculcating Values

  • Family is the first social institution a child interacts with
  • He acquires his/her first set of ideas, values and morals from his family. Eg. A child coming from a family of criminals is more vulnerable to committing one himself.
  • The family environment aids the intellectual growth of a child. Eg stories of children from poor families clearing tough exams because their parents guided them in the right direction.
  • Elders in Indian Joint Family systems play a moderating role. It is absent in western societies. Thus, if children do not get along with parents, they tend to drift apart.
  • Healthy customs passed on from generations help a child in leading a disciplined and organized life. Eg. Diwali Pooja teaches us the virtue of humility and gratitude.

Role of Educational Institutions in inculcating Values

  • Education necessary means transmission of values and knowledge
  • A school acts as a small controlled society that provides the right environment for the moral growth of a child
  • Teachers play a role model for children. They shape their behaviour outside family. Eg building a scientific temper. Values of cooperation, leadership, responsibility, sincerity, work ethics are learnt in school
  • Social Justice, Democracy, Secularism etc are not mere theoretical terms, but ethical values that are to imparted to a child for him to grow into a responsible citizen of the country

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