• Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) is farming practice that believes in natural growth of crops without adding any fertilizers and pesticides or any other foreign elements.
  • The word ‘Zero Budget’ refers to the zero net cost of production of all crops. The inputs used for seed treatments and other inoculations are locally available in the form of cow dung and cow urine. 
  • A ZBNF practicing farmer has lower cost of inputs and thus has better capacity to increase the incomes. At the same time, ZBNF crops helps in retaining soil fertility and is climate change resilient. 


1. In ZBNF, yields of various cash and food crops have been found to be significantly higher when
compared with chemical farming.
2. Input costs are near zero as no fertilizers and pesticides are used
3. Profits in most areas under ZBNF were from higher yield and lower inputs
4. Model ZBNF farms were able to withstand drought and flooding, which are big concerns with
regard to climate change.
5. The planting of multiple crops and border crops on the same field has provided varied income
and nutrient sources.
6. Less use of water and electricity, improved health of farmers, flourishing of local ecosystems and biodiversity and no toxic chemical residues in the environment

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